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  • Columbia Pictures Headquarters

    Burbank, California

    Gensler Architects
    C.L. Peck, Contractor
    430,000 sf
    1,200 car garage

    Image of Columbia Pictures Headquarters

    Sony Pictures Plaza

    Formerly Metro Goldwyn Mayer
    Culver City, California

    Maxwell Starkman Associates
    Turner Construction
    350,000 sf
    1,200 car garage

    Image of Sony Pictures Plaza

    Sony Pictures Studios
    Campus Expansion & Renovation

    Culver City, California

    Multiple Buildings
    1,000,000 sf Master Plan
    100 million budget

    Image of Sony Pictures Campus

    The Culver Studios

    Culver City, California

    Cooper Robertson Architects
    Langden & Wilson Architects
    Turner Construction
    150,000 sf
    615 car garage

    Image of The Culver Studios