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Management Team

Image of S&K Brochure CoverAll our work is overseen by the three principals of the firm. These are Fritz W. Kastner, Co founder of the firm with Frederick C. Stegeman, R.Randall Fulton and Donald R. Eichelberger.

Depending on the status, size and type of project, the principals either run or oversee the work. Typically, once a project hits its stride, we assign a Project Manager to run the day to day work assignments, while the principal oversees and directs the effort. Once a project gets into the construction phase and depending on size, we assign a Construction Manager to support the Project Manager.

Our management approach has always focused on direction and oversight, and not on replacing or substituting the personnel and management effort of the design or construction team. This approach allows us to keep our Management Team small and from a clients perspective on a level of high cost effectiveness.

As required, the company will establish field offices. Typically, they are at the project site and co-located with the Architects and Contractors field offices at the construction site. On larger projects, our Construction Manager will be assigned full time to a field office.