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Background and History

Image of ColburnThe company was founded by Fred Stegeman in 1972. Fred had a background in Architecture and Planning and had shifted from the design to the development side of the business a few years earlier. At the time , the idea of owner representation was in its infancy and the client base was large corporations. As a result, projects were mostly Corporate Headquarters facilities, often mid rise office buildings and Corporate Parks.

Other early clients were offshore companies working to establish a foothold in the US. Office building projects became increasingly more ambitious, and by the late 80ies, we were working with the Equity Partners behind projects such as the 72 story US Bank Tower in Los Angeles (formerly known as Library Square ) and the Gas Company Tower adjacent to it.

From the beginning, another large part of the company’s business was educational facilities, primarily private schools and colleges. Over time, the business grew more and more diversified with clients in the entertainment business and the performing arts. This was followed by work on faith based projects, with the Cathedral of the Angels in Los Angeles the high water mark.

As the market grew and changed, so did the company. Student Housing, Research and Teaching Laboratories, and Community College work followed, together with work for shopping centers, commercial mixed use projects, museums, municipalities and other public entities. Today, the company has a widely diversified portfolio of work and is experienced in most project types.