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Image of CTA BurlingameThe company’s Principals and Staff all have backgrounds in architecture or contracting. All did practice in their respective fields for years prior to joining S&K and have hands on experience. All members of the firm work actively on projects and are involved in all aspects of the business on a day to day basis. We recognize the importance of staying current with market trends, evolving technologies, regulations and changes in the methodology of Real Estate development.

Over the years, the firm and its members have worked on a wide variety of different project types, including corporate, educational and institutional facilities. Time and again, client relationships develop into long term associations, where we are entrusted to work on a series of different projects or multiple phases of the same project.

One of our trademarks is the willingness to become a member of the clients project team and to assume whatever role is needed. Sometimes we work only on certain aspects of a project while the client retains management of the balance of the work, and on other occasions we are given the task to take on all management responsibilities for the work.

Our flexible approach to the task at hand allows us to step into a project at almost any given point in time. Sometimes this means being part of the initial development process and at other times taking on oversight of the construction effort. This can involve a “ ground up “ development effort or the implementation of a tenant improvement program.